Defining MaLaQa

Contemporary Visual Arts Urban Revitalization Tool

MaLaQa - Aerial View

Urban Fabric Reconstruction

River Edge Reconstruction

St Paul's Reconstruction

The Folly Garden

The Fabric Reconstruction

Structural Linear Gallery

Structural Cine Exploratorium

Structural - Linear Gallery 2


A Study of Contemporary Visual Arts as A Urban Revitalization Tool for Historical Malacca.

A Historical City called Malacca was once a sleepy hollow. The state government has no idea of transforming it into a city for tourism. Ad-hoc implementations of policies resulted in empty museums, galleries and abandoned parks. Thus a study is made using Architectural Urban approach as the vehicle to revitalized the “dead” city.

The canvas is the fine urban grain. The brush is Architecture and Urban Design. Finally the paint is Visual Arts.


Graduation Thesis USM 98